Alice in process…

Instead of the question “Who is Alice?” there are now paths leading to what Alice might come to be…

15 Aug 2016

Alice, the magic garden and the unknown

Adriana Peliano, John Tenniel and Camille Flammarion.

"Flammarion engraving"..... animation by Alicia7777777 / made in Wonderland ;) 11:11

7 Aug 2016

A wish upon a star: Who am I?

Who is the artist?

Alicination by Pablo Bernasconi

"Este livro é doido, Maria. Isto é: o sentido dele está em ti. 

Escuta: se não descobrires um sentido na loucura acabarás louca. Aprende, pois, logo de saída para a grande vida, a ler este livro como um simples manual do sentido evidente de todas as coisas, inclusive as loucas. Aprende isso a teu modo, pois te dou apenas umas poucas chaves entre milhares que abrem as portas da realidade." 

 Paulo Mendes Campos na carta...



Thanks to Martín Pérez.

2 Aug 2016

What Alice is looking for?

"An Alice in Wonderland" Editorial Starring Liva Heitmann Shot by Elisabeth Toll for Grazia Germany. December 2014.

Found at "The Terrier and Lobster".

31 Jul 2016

“Well, you know, I might shrinkso much that I disappear like a candle,” said Alice. “And what would become of me then?”

"Make sure to catch this philisophical feline in Wonderland before he performs his infamous 'Cheshire Cat's Disappearing Act'. This fragrance is made up of comforting scents of warm baked vanilla cheesecake and succulent blueberries that are sure to give you a grin that won't soon fade away!" 
  found at: MyStoryTimeCandles